Gods Existence Proven By Semi-Oontological Argument

Something could come from nothing without god which means if god exists his nature is neither contingent nor truely necessary.  
Which implies that something coming from nothing is not a valid contingency to necessity the existence of god in explanation.
However, of all concepts, only the concept of god can neither be proven nor disproven.  Other objects of the imagination
can be disproven simply by reocognizing that they came from ones imagination.  Or they can be examined for evidence
and determined not to exist by experiment.  Therefore god is neither subject to the force of evidence, nor exposition by
logical insight.

This in itself is both evidence and logical demonstration of a will to exist in a way that can neither be proven no disproven.
By process of elimination if we consider all wills in theory and potential only gods will remains.  Because gods will exist
god exists and it is proven by semi-oontological argument.

I dont expect the average person to understand this argument but anyone who is still open to reason or logic either an atheist or
or a man of faith can see this argument follow from the premises

Please don't argue about me with this because that is exactly the same as arguing that 2+2=5.