Dreams of the Enlightenment

Let us not forget the great goal of the modern age, to eliminate all toil and every painful contrivance, that we might be master's and possessors of nature and bend it to our will. This is the path we're on, and the finish point has been decided for us.

And in our times, where the first signs that such a dream might come to pass are already showing, it might bid us well to dream a new dream. What do we do now? For I know that as industry wanes in the west, even as we fight the progress, a whole new slew of problems have been exposed, many of which, those dreamers of the enlightenment, might not likely have anticipated themselves.

For people built their lives in industrialization, but just as quickly as the factories came, they disappeared and moved to other lands. And with the death of toil brought despair, and meaninglessness, and suicide emptiness.

But it was a noble goal was it not? And the wheels of time cannot be turned back. That all would prosper economically who furthered this dream of which we are all committed. But even in the lands where our jobs went they too will one day face a world without toil or painful contrivance. And they will face the fruition of the dreams of the enlightenment as well.

So what will it be? Shall we all be artists and poets, dreamers and visionaries? Shall we make music and delight in the discovery of find things, knowledge and so forth? For I have seen past the toil and there is a light, but I know not where, or how we will come to pass.

Then what is our new dream, and how will we prosper henceforth?