How to Setup TV Media Integration

Requires a graphics card with some kind of video output that can hook up to a TV or monitor, I use a graphics card with two monitor output. This enables me to hook up a monitor for play and a monitor for TV.

You're going to want a monitor large enough to approximate a TV. 30 inches or better is extreme but some people wanna be extreme, 25 inches is what I use, roughly.

You're gonna need an extra monitor cable for your Monitor TV. It only cost like 25-30 bucks at least thats what I remember it costs me.

You're gonna need a perch next to the computerstand for a TV, this is easy to set up.

Now for the tricky part. In windows control panel under your computer graphics settings its basically the same for every computer but a little different for everyone. You're gonna wanna setup dual identical screens so you can use both at the same time, turn off your main computer deck monitor and just watch it on the TV. This is tough to figure out for a novice, so take your time and prepare to work on it.

Fancy Stuff to Work On

A wireless keyboard is perfect for setup especially with a wireless mouse as it allows you to chillout on the couch and workout from the computer screen. Be prepared to alter the resolution on the TV monitor, so you don't go blind.

TV play, youtube is great for TV, it has every music video possible, and lots of shows to watch, obviously there's netflix and this is one of the best ways to watch netflix.

Gaming can be a badass experience with this setup especially for FPS but don't expect much success against hardcore novices with a superior gaming setup. This setup is more for single player and just for fun multiplayer.